December 31, 2010

Coffee Creamer Delight

I have another favorite to share with you all.  I love coffee...especially when I can "doctor" it up with tastey creamers!!  Now, don't pass out when I tell you this but, I have never ever liked Starbucks coffee!!  I've tried, ya'll, I have tried!  I don't think I know anyone else who doesn't care for it.  Trust me, I've tried something different everytime I've gone in and I just can't find anything better than a fresh cup of coffee at home with a great flavored creamer!!

I've always counted down the days until they bring out the Pumpkin Spice flavors in the fall.  Now I have discovered another new one that is D-I-V-I-N-E and I can have another seasonal countdown!!  Are you ready??
YES!!!!!  Chocolate Mint Truffle!!!!  OH MY!!  Just looking at the picture made me want this!!  Now my 16 year old is addicted to the stuff as well.  I think I could just drink it out of the bottle....I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS BY THE WAY...but I want to!!  hahaha

Nothing like chocolatey goodness with a hint of mint aftertaste!  You can't beat it!  I have always been a coffee creamer snob and only ever wanted coffee mate but when I saw the picture and read the name of the flavor, it sucked me in!  I had to cheat! 

I am sitting here right now with my great longaberger mug and my coffee with this wonderful creamer in it typing this post.  Ahhhhh, I am almost ready for the day!  hahaha  Go get ya some!  You wont' regret it!

***This is not a review and I am not being paid in any way to write this blog post. I am just wanting to share with my friends a product I have found that I truly appreciate.*** ENJOY!


BARBIE said...

Oh, I love a little coffee with my creamer. I will have to try this one!

Sheila said...

yum - i need to try that!!!
Ok - at starbucks...have you tried a peppermint white chocolate mocha?