February 9, 2009

Stormy day/Dreary day

What a day this has started out to be. First, it's Monday. Second, it's gloomy and rainy outside. Third, it's supposed to be this way all day. I actually quite enjoy days like today. I would definitely enjoy them more if I could be at home in bed listening to the pitter patter of the droplets. How lovely and relaxing that thought is...."POOF" back to reality! I'm actually sitting at my desk, freezing! I have a foot heater blowing much needed hot air but, the cold surrounding my upper body is taking control very quickly. Fighting the urge to keep my eyelids from closing is another thing I am battling. After a busy weekend it is even harder to sit here. Seeing the dark skies out the window and hearing the lull of the office...woah! I got to thinking about how wonderful the rain can actually be. Besides hearing us all complain about how dreary and tired and dark it is, we should be thankful for this refreshing time! A time of refreshing...takes me back to the Sunday School story of Noah. That was definitely a time of refreshing. God completely took out all of the earth, except for Noah and his family and the animals Noah took on the ark. He wiped the slate clean. He scrubbed away the filth and corruption that was going on in everyday life. Think about how this rain is essentially doing the same thing here. We've had days of snow and ice. During all of that the city is putting down salt and sand. What a mess that makes on our cars! This rain will wash away any sign of that extra sand piled up at the four way stops and ramps. How nice will it be to see new and fresh streets again. This rain will invigorate the flowers that are hibernating below the ground. They're just waiting with anticipation for the first time they can peek their lovely petals through that soil. Guess I'm a little anxious for spring. Thank you God for the refreshing rains that fall in our lives. Whether it be physical rain or a rain of trials that falls in our lives, we need to understand that it's all about our perception. This rain could get some down or we could see it as a moment for washing and refreshing. Let's take this day to dwell on the wonderful blessings that God has placed in our lives! Rain down your spirit! What does the rain remind you of? How does it make you feel? Lots of love,

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