February 5, 2009

Murphy's Law

Why is it that when I start a project that is to organize me, something ALWAYS seems to mess it up?? It never fails when I put down a plan on paper that other things just mess it up!! Call me controlling, but when I go through the trouble of making a menu, I want to stick to it!! NO, not for the first week of my menu adventure!! So, here goes...I did the menu plan on Tuesday (oops, was supposed to be Monday). I even had a reminder to have Hannah take the chicken out of the freezer and thaw it for me in the sink. She was such a help and did exactly what I needed. We had to go to basketball pictures right after work so, I didn't have the luxury of coming home and starting dinner. I thought that the pics wouldn't take too long and then I could come home and whip up my meal. WHAT??? That easy?? husband, of all times, calls me out of the blue and asks me to meet him and the kids at a restaurant for supper. YES!!!!!!!!! Wait...I have a plan!!! BUT DINNER OUT...NO CLEAN UP!!!! It is so appealing!!! But, my chicken is waiting for me in the sink....OH, the stress!!!! I caved! I told myself that my hubby doesn't ask out of the blue very often to go out to eat as a family and I like to take advantage of those far & few inbetween times. Sooooo, there goes my menu plan! I guess I need to work on flexibility. I had even planned for chili tonight because my hubby had to make chili for work. Not thinking he had it for lunch why would he want it for supper???? Soooo, my chicken is back on!!! Bock-Bock-Bock Yes, the plan is still in tact...just a few days were skewed but, Friday, Saturday & Sunday is still on and I can do a fresh one for next week! I actually already have it on paper just waiting to pounce onto my blog!! A little more prepared than normal! Im loving this!! I had a wonderful time at my chiropractor today. I hadn't been in a long time and I kept hearing an advertisement on my Christian radio station about a chiropractor that uses a machine called the pro-adjuster. I had been hurting in my back for a while and couldn't shake a headache I had so, I decided it was time to go try this gadget. I went today and it was FABULOUS!! No turning and popping with this machine. It's really neat how it works and he is such a great Dr. to sit there with you and show you what everything means on the screen. Needless to say my headache is now gone and I am feeling much better in my back. Looking at my x-rays, I have a ways to go before I am going to feel GREAT!!!! I've got some major problems in several areas of my spine. I'm on the right track to get those fixed though! At the end of it all I got to lay on the Aqua Massager bed. HOW WONDERFUL! I got up from that feeling like I had just woke up from a nap! It was really hard to come back to work and finish my day. Enough of my boring ramblings! I hope all are doing well & find their family time tonight!! ENJOY YOUR LIVES!!

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