February 17, 2009

Americans - Taking Things for Granted!!

I have recently been convicted about my spending habits. I know the economy is on a downturn and, Praise Be To God, we are in a good place in our finances, but that doesn't mean I couldn't be doing better. I want to be a good steward of our family's money! My husband and I have always struggled in finding the "perfect solution" to sharing the financial responsibility in our home. When we combine our money together, it just causes friction. I'm the spender, he is not. Well, he's a "man spender"...he buys big ticket boy toy things and I just spend piddly on a daily basis! You know....the necessities...clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and the list can go on and on! We decided to kind of split our finances. I take my paycheck and take care of everything in the home with that...i.e. groceries, cleaning, hygiene, kids school things, eating out... He uses his check to pay bills. It has worked out for us so far, but it does leave me a little hollow. I still do not have control of my spending. It has taken me a while to understand where my husband is coming from when he talks so sternly about money. I listen to Dave Ramsey on a daily basis and love what he teaches. I went through Financial Peace University several years ago and loved the concept. I would really like to put those things in practice at our home but, I don't have any faith in myself. I did start subscribing the the e-mealz that he promotes on his show. It has made a WORLD of difference in our homelife. There's always a plan, always a shopping list and always a meal on the table! That has been a downfall in my life the past couple of years. With help and thanks from my fellow blog friends, I am staying on top of that! We take so many things for granted in our lives. The way we live compared to the third world countries. Those who only have a dollar a day to live on. WOW!! We are so rich! I discovered a website called: You can type in your household income and it will show you how rich of a person you are. I posted my results:

I'm the 31,849,353 richest person on earth! Discover how rich you are! >>

What do we have to be thankful for? Too many things to even start to mention! It's not just about money. We have a God that will get us through anything in our way!!! What a blessed assurance!
We buy things we really don't need with money we really don't have to impress people we really don't know.
What an eye-opener this saying is!! I like how Dave Ramsey puts it...we need to live like no other so later when we are out of debt, we can live like no other! I am on my quest to become debt free! I have decided to come to terms with my spending and how much debt I have accumulated within this family. I will need my friends' help and encouragement! I pray for each and every one that is already on this quest. Maybe those that read my blog (the two of you!!) could give me a few pointers? Maybe God will lead some savvy people, that don't necessarily read my blog on a regular basis, to my blog so they can help me!! I'm praying for a Godsend!

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Girly Muse said...

I am on this same quest right now. Will be praying for you, too, because I know what a struggle it is.

The best thing for me to do is just stay away from temptation. I know that doesn't always work, but if I set time limits on myself (Greyley's piano lesson/Target trip, for example), I am can keep within my goal.

Am always trying to find things to cut out or stretch out another hair salon visits or my dog's grooming visit. I do my own manicures & pedicures.

Have a couple of friends that we divvy up things we've bought in bulk.

Every little thing helps.

Thanks for this blog. Let us know how it goes!