July 9, 2008

Worn Out

Today has really dragged on for me. I woke up and realized that today was going to be dreary. It had rained all night (I guess). It has pretty much rained all day. I actually like the rain, I just don't like to get out of bed, put the effort in to get dressed and then get out to work & get soaked. That is a miserable feeling. Yesterday was a short day at work for me. I only worked until 3pm and then met up with some friends from church to take the LONG 2 hour van ride to Oklahoma City to sing at the District Camp Meeting our churches have every year. I enjoy singing so much! It's what God created me to do. I can't really describe how alive I feel when I am singing and feeling the words to a song. It's truly miraculous! After praise team was done we listened to the missionary preach. He had some really great stories to tell of his experiences overseas. After that was all done it was about 10:30pm. Our pastor wanted to take us out to eat so, we all had a WONDERFUL meal at the Cheesecake Factory in OKC. What a place!! Their cheesecake is the best!! When it was all said and done, my head hit the pillow about 2:30 this morning. Jeff stayed home to fix his truck. He's had a few problems recently with his truck and thought it would be best to stay and get that taken care of. Something always going on isn't it?? I got a chance to see Chris, Andrea and the grandbabies at camp meeting. Their kids are so great! Jeff and I love them dearly. My kids must be having a great time at camp. I haven't heard from them except the first night when Andrew called me to say he made it there. I hope they get something out of camp more than just fun! I know camp is to have fun but, I do pray that their spiritual mind is enlightened while they are there listening in the services. God has been so good to my family. I am truly grateful for all! Keep on movin' down the right path!!!

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