September 4, 2010

Friday Night Sleepover/Camp Out

This weather is soooo wonderful!!!  My youngest wanted to have a sleepover with a couple of boys and I thought it was just perfect timing for a camping out sleepover.  We had so much fun!!(as seen in the pics below)

Spending time in the tent was the first activity of the evening!

Notice how close we have it to the house??  Story to come later in the post!

Then it was time for a pizza party!! 

And you can't have a campout without a fire!!!!

Or without SMORES!!!

Tired mommy with a happy little boy!!

We truly had so much fun!  Now for the story.  The 3 boys couldn't keep their scared little bodies in the tent.  What's a campout without scary stories?!?  The boys were telling stories about scary things and about the time they were talking about a guy in the woods with a gun (we live with 2 acres of woods in our back yard) I had happened to turn a particularly important light (unbeknownst to me) and they "heard" a gun shot....hahaha!!  They filed in quite fast and left everything in the tent.  They wouldn't even go out to the tent to bring their sleeping bags in the house so they could sleep on the floor inside.  I had to walk with them to get them.  NOW, as mentioned before, you did see how close the tent was to the back deck & steps??  Yeah, they were pretty scared!  hahaha

I hope you all out there have had and do have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!  Ours has started out with a "bang"!  Couldn't resist!!


Girly Muse said...

hahaha, that's SO cute and SO funny!!!

Karen said...

Oh that looks like you (they) had so much fun.. to be young again , right...
Love the post..
cya soon

Shelly Robinson said...

Tamara - It was nice to meet you today. I looked up your blog so I could send you a proof of the story. I love your page, I looked through it and me and my family were at the weinie dog races too. haha

My email is if you could email me yours, I'll send a proof when it's ready.

Thanks! Shelly

samantha said...

What a fun night! Looks like the boys had a lot of fun.