September 24, 2009

New Job

I recently started a new job at a wonderful company. I just want to document as to how happy and comfortable I am with this decision. For those of you who do not know, I was laid of July 2 of this year. Never something fun to go through. While we relied on my income, we knew we weren't going to lose it all without it for a small period of time. I immediately applied for the unemployment and started my job search. It was quite a depressing time for me. Being turned down or told no someone else is better is not something I enjoy hearing. I got very excited about a couple of opportunities and they just fell through my fingers. Hubby and I decided whatever was offered was what I needed to take (for the sake of the family finances). So, I did just that! I was not happy with the job I accepted. My hubby kept telling me that I could always keep looking and quit later. Well, that's exactly what happened! I got into an interview with Schlumberger and they offered me a job within 12 hours. They wanted me to start in two days. I had to do the UNTHINKABLE and quit a job without a two week notice. I felt sooo bad doing that, but feel so much more myself with this new position. Because of taking this wonderful position, I have postponed my shoulder surgery to December 14. Trust me, I didn't mind postponing that! Next on the agenda is to have my colonoscopy tomorrow. I have these every 5 years (preventive) because of my father's colon problems. My evening will be spent in one particular room. Can't wait!!! But, the pay off is that I can have drugs tomorrow during the procedure and sleep the rest of the day.....yay me!! I pray that all is well out in blogland with my wonderful friends and family! ENJOY YOUR DAY

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