September 14, 2009

Monday Madness

We all made it another day and it's a new dawn of a new week for all of us in the Conner household. This weekend held a lot of busyness for us. FRIDAY - My daughter spent Friday night with a friend and they went to the football game to root for our local High School. I had to decorate and prepare for our monthly (Mug & A Muffin) ladies gathering. I spent about 30 minutes decorating and 2-3 hours running around doing errands. When I got home, my son and I sat and made little giveaways for all of the ladies. SATURDAY - Left the house by 8:00 to pick up the breakfast foods and last minute item for the ladies gathering. We had about 25 show up to our Mug & A Muffin event. It was a lot of fun. It was relaxing to get together and not have a time schedule or agenda that we had to focus on. After leaving Mug & A Muffin, I found myself at home taking a short nap and doing a little bit of picking up at home. We decided not to go to the OU football game because of the rain issue. We wound up going over to some of our great friends' home to watch the game on PPV. We were there with several friends and had such a great time!! We watched as the rain poured during the game and were thankful that we had not gone. Miserable!! SUNDAY - Held a tight schedule for us. 9:15 Praise team/choir practice, 9:30 Sunday School, 10:30 Church, 12:30 lunch, home by 2:00, daughter & her guest to church by 3:30 for praise team, get a nap in there somewhere, 5:30 praise team practice, 6:00 church, 7:30 homeward bound!! WHEW! Makes me tired just thinking about it. All in all it was a good day for everyone! MONDAY - WORK!! Kids made it to school in great fashion and I am here at work doing my thang! We have a busy week scheduled so, I am hoping to get very easy meals taken care of this week. Let's see: MONDAY - Pizza at Mazzios - gotta love the $6.00/lg pizza TUESDAY - Meatball Subs WEDNESDAY - church day - grab & go THURSDAY - Tacos - Family meeting FRIDAY - ??? Probably another grab & go

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Nicole said...

Mmmm ... the family meeting !! :)