August 4, 2009

Bible Study Time

I have been gone from the bloggy world for a little while. I actually looked at my blog today and realized it was June 12 the last time I posted something. WOAH! Didn't feel like it had been that long. Lots has happened since that date. I've been laid off from my job, so I'm out looking AGAIN!! My mother fell and broke every bone in her left leg, so I went to take care of her. Children don't stop running during the summer, so I spent the month of July trying to occupy their "i'm bored" time. What a life! When my friend Nicole put up this picture and posted about doing a Bible Study on finding balance in your life.....I WAS IN! No second thoughts! I went out immediately and got the book. Sooooo excited that I couldn't wait for Monday to come so I could start this study. I did my study yesterday and wouldn't you know the first story in the chapter 1 was about the circus. Seems like they were immediately talking about my life. Juggling schedules, juggling time, juggling lists...can there be anymore? So far so good! I decided, after reading about balancing my life, that I needed to start this blog up again! I had sooo much to blog about but had no access to the internet for a while (when I was gone). Now that I've been back, I've just truly put it in the back of my mind. Bear with me my friends! I may have to start copying some of you wonderful bloggers by doing some things you do. I don't want to do that but, I am beginning to think it would actually give me something to think about and blog. Forgive me for that!! School starts in just a few days for us and the MAJOR schedules/stress will begin! I am actually looking forward to it. Sometimes I wonder if I feed off of the chaos of schedules. Not that I want to! I sometimes don't know what to do with myself when I have no job and no school schedule to go by. I've been a little lost the past several weeks. What a perfect time for Bible Study and blog time! Hope all is well with all of my friends & family! God bless!

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Loren said...

soooo glad you are back!! have missed your blogging!
how is your mom doing?

not that you would copy me but if you did feel free :)

glad your doing the bible study, It looked really good! Can't wait to hear about it from you and Nicole!