February 3, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

As some of you may know, Oklahoma has experienced a Blizzard of a storm! We have literally been snowed into our homes since Tuesday. 21" of snow (with ice/sleet underneath) and anywhere from 3' to 10' drifts. So much fun!!! A little cabin fever?? Well, not yet for me! You might say that today my sanity left my body for a few moments but it quickly returned after I did this:
Yes, I did!!  We had a challenge put out to us from our church and a TON of us did it!!  hahaha...just a little fun to pass our time!

I have been keeping myself SUPER busy since the snow came in.  I had hubster take me to Lowe's on Monday night to stock up on paint and supplies so I could start painting inside my home.  It hadn't been painted in 13 years.  Soooo, I knew it would be a huge job and this "snowed in prediction" would be the greatest opportunity for me.  Here's what I've done:

What a difference!!!  I have lots more that I've painted but will let you see that on another post!  Teaser alert!!

More things to come later!


triciadenae said...

I love the color!! What is it... I might have to use it! I stocked up on paint Monday night also, but I'm painting some old frames. I also love your blog!

BARBIE said...

You did not run out into the snow in shorts! Oh my that must have been cold! I love the paint color. My bedroom in my old house use to be that color. I miss it!

stephanie said...

I LOVE that color! It looks great!