October 30, 2010

Africa Countdown

I have 7 days until the beginning of an adventure begins. I am getting very very excited about experiencing Africa. We will be going to Kenya to assist an orphanage in reroofing their building. I am understanding that the roof is so bad that the children are getting wet during the night when they sleep. How sad!! We will also be going to another village and putting up a tabernacle. Oh how I hope we get to do that!! That is the plan in the event we finish with the roof early. On our last two days before leaving for the airport, we will be in the Serengeti for a two day safari. Such an experience!!

If you can tell by the left side of my page, I am almost half way there to my funds!! Soooooo blessed and thrilled by that!! I would like to commission my blog followers to keep me in your prayers. While we are going to do God's work, we still need supporters at home covering us in prayer for safety. Please pass this along to your friends, the more the better!! Thank you all that have donated and thank you all that are willing to pray for me and the group that will be going to minister. I can not wait to share photos from Africa!!!

God bless!

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