July 26, 2010

Youth Trip/Camp

Wow!  There has been a ton going on since I last put a post on here!  My daughter left for Youth Trip/Camp on Saturday morning this past weekend!  

First stop was St. Louis.  They went to the arch for lunch and a tour and then the St. Louis zoo. 
 My daughter took this amazing picture of the arch before going up in it.  She said she was scared to go up.

The view from her trip to the top of the arch.

The next morning they got up and went to the Cardinals baseball field for a private tour.

After a tour of the field, they headed to Chicago for a "mystery event".  The youth pastor would not tell any of them what they were going to be doing.  How fun!!

I don't have any pics of that event because they wound up going on a pirate ship super duper late at night!!  They were so worn out and her phone had died that she didn't have access to get pics to me yet.  Will post those at a later time!!

Now they are officially in Wisconsin at camp.  Phones and iPods have been taken away for the week!   I will have to update you all about her trip when she returns.


Loren said...

Those trips have always been awesome! Praying she has an amazing experience and grows closer and closer to the Lord!

Karen said...

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