April 14, 2010

A Few Thoughts In My Head

Ya'll (as Paula Deen would say)!!!  There are a ton of things rolling around in my head right now!

1)  I am soooo excited about the new friends I am making via the blog party that's going on at 5 Minutes For Mom.  Check it out!!

2)  I am thrilled that I have gotten back in touch with a wonderful friend I grew up with via the blog world - Sheila @ A Little Dirt Never Hurt

3)  I am feeling so much better because I went and had a Pedi done at lunch time with Sheila. (don't let her fool ya, she's a girly girl at heart!!)

4)  I am looking forward to the next book review post I am about to do!!  This book is THE BOMB!!!  Oh My Word!  Soooooooo good!!

5)  I am hopin'...and wishin'...and prayin'...and - forgive me, I had a song moment.  I am hoping that I have a better weekend with my children.  Last weekend was too much drama to even mention on this here blog!!  There are many privileges that no longer exist in my home as of this past Saturday...haha!!!  Mom is soooooo mean!  It was so bad that my 12 yr old daughter told me she was going to run away and I actually told her that I would get the door for her - HAHAHAHAH!!  Oh the joy of adolescense!!

6)  Life is grand!

7)  The weather is B-E-A-UTIFUL!

8)  My decorating brain is on overload.  I have been asked to take care of the decorations for Pastor Appreciation Sunday Banquet.  I'm soooo excited!!

9)  I enjoyed a wonderful evening with the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law at the Taste of Home Spring Cooking Show. 

10)  My track star daughter has another track meet tomorrow.  This is #4 for the season.  She has 8 medals with 3 track meets under her belt....what a  show-off!!  I'm so proud of her!

There's just a glimpse of a FEW of the MANY thoughts that are rolling around in my head today.  ENJOY!  What's on your mind??


Sheila said...

Awwwm thanks man! I'm so glad we've "reconnected" too! :) And the pedi...was a GREAT idea!
Um I said about the would be GRAND if we could just SEND THEM TO BOOT CAMP!!!! LOL!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Forget the kids running away....I may be the one packing my bags soon. Ay Yi Yi!

samantha said...

Haha who knew that Sheila had a girlie side.

Launa said...

Yeah for UBP!!! Hope you had fun!! Happy Wednesday!!

Loren said...

The weather is gorgeous isn't it !!
Can't wait to read about your new book :) we need to have a swap REAL SOON!!!! you get mine ~ I get yours!

Gonna join your blog party tomorrow...better late than never huh!!

Yay! Run girl Run...she's gonna be a track star! :)

Love ya

redeemed diva said...

Great thoughts to have rolling around in your head! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the pic of you in this post. Great choice.

Barbie said...

That's great that you reconnected with your friend through blogging! I am loving visiting the fabulous blogs at the UBP2010. I think I have a blog hangover!

glenda09 said...

This party is fun isn't it? I'm excited also about the wonderful friends I'm making!

I'm happy that you and your friend Seila got in touch!!!

I have never had a pedi! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

I loved the review!

I hope you have a better weekend as well. Us mommys can just be soo mean LOL!

How awesome you get to be in charge of the decorations for the Pastor Appreciation Sunday Banquet!
Let us know how it goes!

Daugher in law? Whos yours? Just wanted to say you look WAY too young to have a child that is married!

That's great about your daughter! Tell her to keep up the GREAT work!

Stacy Kaye said...

Hey! Finally had a chance to pop in after the UBP! Nice blog! I will be sure to catch up soon!