March 2, 2009


WOW!!! What a week it has been for me! I have been fighting so bad this past week. Since getting my thyroid taken out, it has been a battle to get my Thyroid Stimulating Hormones regulated. Needless to say when your thyroid hormones are out of have NO, ZERO, NADA energy....did I mention you have no energy??? My goodness! I have never felt fatigue like that. I went to the Dr. to get my levels checked and he asked if I was tired (with kind of a smirkish grin on his face). I told him that I was more tired than I had ever felt in my life! He proceeded to let me know that he wanted my levels to be under 5 and that mine were in the 40's!!!!! WHAT?????!!!!!!!!!?? No wonder! Well, during all of the fatigue, my immune system has just not been up to par...obviously! Sooo, by the time the weekend rolled around, I drove my little self up to Urgent Care. I had Strep and Bronchitis! YEAH ME!!!! Whatever. I fought fatigue & not feeling great all week & then find out I am sick with it?? It was so hard for me to decifer what was hormone related and what was sickness symptom. I'm on an uphill climb again. Feeling much better today and hoping my days in the near future are even better!! With that all said, our week last week was nothing to speak of! Lots of time at home and on the couch. Not motivated! Not excited about anything! I did force myself to have family night on Friday. The kids needed our attention very badly. We went out to Red Robin and was planning to putt-putt but, who knew they closed at 7PM on a Friday?? Needless to say, we all went home and found a movie to watch on one of our movie channels. It was a nice uneventful family night adventure. Hopefully I will be back up and running this week. I miss not blogging! I do enjoy letting my mind escape and flood the pages with words! Hope all are doing well. Take care!


N. said...

I hope you're "back to normal" soon!!

Girly Muse said...

oh man! will be praying for you! sounds like you're going through it. hope you are feeling energetic and WELL really soon!!!

Loren said...

glad you are feeling better and on the uphill swing of it all!